Monday 30 March 2020

Soviet Chess Chronicle

Before putting the Soviet Chess Chronicle back on the shelf here are a few further items of interest:

January 1945 gave the results of a survey to find the 10 strongest players in the U.S.S.R. 


We don't often see grandmasters in their pyjamas but May 1945 page 13 included this photo:


The U.S.S.R Trade Union Team Championship was held in Moscow in December 1945. Each team of 10 had seven chess players and three checkers players and most of the country's leading chess players took part including Boleslavsky, Flohr, Sokolsky, Veresov, Panov, Smyslov, Lilienthal, Kotov, Bondarevsky, Taimanov, Ragozin, and Duz-Khotimirsky. 

January 1946 included a report on this event, several annotated games and some photographs:


After what sounds like an enthralling 1946 Moscow Championship, the somewhat surprising winner was 21-year-old David Bronstein (not yet a grandmaster),  who had lost his first-round game to Alatortsev but then won his next eight games.


April 1945 reported on the Championship of the Moscow garrison.


April 1946 also included a two-page article: In Memory of Leonid Kubbel, who had died in 1942: 

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