Wednesday 1 April 2020

American Chess Magazine 1897-1899. Part 3.

Borsodi's American Chess Magazine published the following series of articles on American Chess Editors :

I. Miron J. Hazeltine. June 1897, page 7, (portrait opposite page 16).

The article notes that Hazeltine was co-editor with D.W.Fiske of volume I of Chess Monthly. This is not recorded in the main bibliographical works but this is confirmed, for example, on page 288 of Chess Monthly for September 1857, and also on the title page of Hazeltine's book Brevity and Brilliance in Chess, New York 1866.  Furthermore, Hazeltine is credited with compiling the practical part of Marache's Manual of Chess, New York 1866, although that work does not mention his contribution. 

Hazeltine had the finest collection of chess books in New England.

II. Daniel E. Hervey. July 1897, page 79. (Portrait on page 75)

III. Gustave Reichhelm. September 1897, page 208.

"As a writer Reichhelm is unique: his line of thought is most original and his style odd yet fascinating. He is the Carlyle among chess writers".

IV. John Galbraith. February 1898, page 525.

Galbraith was a great admirer of Staunton, declaring: "He had his faults, like the rest of weak humanity, but no unprejudiced person will deny that English chess is more indebted to him than to all other authorities put together".

 V. Hartwig Cassel. April-May 1898, page 621.

Three more chess editors were featured in volume II of American Chess Magazine and I will include these next time.

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