Sunday 5 April 2020

American Chess Magazine 1897-1899. Part 5

Volume II of American Chess Magazine has a frontispiece illustration on page 2 which, unfortunately, has not been included in the Moravian Chess reprint. This illustration, showing the covers of nine American chess periodicals, is listed in the index for volume II and was intended for a forthcoming book on American Chess Literature. Even more unfortunately, that tantalising tome was never published.

An announcement of this book appeared on page 36 of the July 1898 magazine:

The promised illustrations did not appear and there was no further mention of this potentially extremely interesting work.  


Another planned book that never saw the light of day was a second edition of Chess Harmonies by Walter Pulitzer. The following full-page advert appeared on the reverse of the final page of the Index to volume I; again this is absent from the Moravian Chess reprint:

A second edition of Chess Harmonies had been touted in the very first issue of American Chess Magazine in June 1897 on page 15:

... and the July 1898 magazine included the following notice in the Literature section on page 28:


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