Wednesday 18 March 2020


With all major sports postponed or cancelled, chess matches off, running groups and Parkruns cancelled, and I shouldn't even go to the pub, there is little else to do except play with my chess books. To start with I have rearranged some of the periodicals and it is very satisfying to see them organised in colour coordinated rows:

On show are the following; Shelf 1:

The Philidorian, 1838. The Chess Player reprint.
The Chess Player's Chronicle, 1841 to 1849 and a few later volumes.
The British Chess Review, 1853 to 1854, complete.
The Chess Player, 1851 to 1853, complete.
The Chess Monthly, 1858, volume I only of V.
The Chess World, 1865 to 1868, Volumes I to III, lacking volume IV.
Brentano's Chess Monthly, May 1881 to August-September 1882, complete.
The City of London Chess Magazine, 1874 to January 1876, lacking final issue.

Shelf 2:

Westminster Papers, 1868 to 1879, complete.
The Chess Monthly, 1879 to 1893, lacking volumes 13, 15 to 17.
The Columbia Chess Chronicle, July 1887 to June 1888. Volumes I & II of V.
American Chess Magazine, 1897 to 1899. Volumes I & II, lacking III.

Shelf 3:

Chess Player's Annual and Club Directory, 1882 to 1893/94, 4 of the 6 editions.
The Chess Amateur, 1906 to 1930 complete.

Shelf 4:

The Year-Book of Chess, 1907 to 1915/16, complete.
British Chess Magazine Chess Annual, 1915, 1916, 1926, complete.
Chess World, 1946 to 1966, volumes 1 to 21, lacking volume 22 for 1967.
The International Chess Magazine, 1885 to 1891, Olms reprint.
The Social Chess Quarterly, 1930 to 1936, complete.

Shelves 5 and 6:

Chess, 1935 to 1997, volumes 1 to 62.

I will try to post something on most days for a while, even if it's just a couple of pictures and a few words.

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