Monday 23 March 2020

American Chess Magazine 1897 to 1899. Part 2.

Firstly a follow up to the previous notes on American chess periodicals in vol. I.

The American Chess Magazine, Volume II, pages 201 to 203 and pages 252 to 254 gives very detailed information on American Chess Periodicals compiled by John G. White at the request of ACM. This includes publications in the United States and also the  South American continent.

J. G. White queries whether the St Louis magazine ever appeared, but it is now in the Cleveland library, and he does not mention The Visitor or Chess Gazette of Philadelphia. 

If the print in the above scans is too small to read I can break each page into smaller segments to enlarge the print size.

Secondly, an editorial change took place from September 1899 which was not mentioned in the previous article. There was no commentary on the reasons for this in the September 1899 magazine. 

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