Sunday, 29 March 2020

The Anglo-Soviet Radio Chess Match

The final issue of Soviet Chess Chronicle for June-July 1946 was a special number covering the USSR-Great Britain Radio Match held from 19th to 22nd June 1946. The arrangements were similar to the 1945 USSR v USA match with boards one playing each other twice, boards two the same, etc. However, this time there were 12 players a side resulting in a total of 24 games.

The magazine gave five pages of information and commentary on the match followed by all of the games annotated by Alexander Konstantinopolsky (first round) and Grigory Levenfish (second Round). There are also a number of photographs from the Moscow end, and portraits of all of the players.

The British team was beaten just as comprehensively as the American team had been the year before, winning just 3 of the 24 games. 

The only publication on this match recorded in Chess Competitions, 1824-1970 is Klein and Winter's book; The Anglo-Soviet Radio Chess Match, London 1947.

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