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Additions to Betts' Bibliography. Part 4

Some early 20th century additions.



BL    British Library, London 

CPL  Cleveland Public Library, Cleveland, Ohio

KB  Koninklijke Biliotheek, Royal Library at The Hague

Chess Notes, by Edward Winter at



Kriegspiel: or The Chess War Game, by H. Caley, The British Chess Company, London c1900. 55p. Red paper covers.

No further information available.

Source: copy sold on eBay in 2011.

Availability: CPL but not KB or BL.

I only have a very poor scan of this book which shows that the design is similar to other books issued by The British Chess Company.


The Reverend Lewis Rou, pastor of the French Protestant Church, New York City, and the missing manuscript of his tract relating to chess (1734), entitled Critical Remarks upon the Letter to The Craftsman on the Game of Chess occasioned by his paper of the 15th of September 1733, and dated from Slaughter's Coffee-house, September 21, by Willard Fiske, The Landi Press, Florence January 1902. 14, [2]p.

Reprinted with slight changes from The Book of the First American Chess Congress, by Daniel Willard Fiske, New York 1859, pages 340-345. 

This tells the story of Lewis Rou's manuscript which has been missing since 1858, and which may be the earliest chess manuscript written in North America.

Source: University Place Book Shop List 103 c1957, no. 453. 

Availability: Many libraries including CPL, KB, Princeton University Library.


The Lost Manuscript of the Reverend Lewis Rou's Critical Remarks upon the Letter to The Craftsman on the Game of Chess; written in 1734 and dedicated to his excellency William Cosby Governor of New York, by Willard Fiske, The Landi Press Florence 1902. 18p. 

Reprinted with additions and comments from Notes and Queries, 19th July 1902.

Similar content to the item above, but rearranged and with more on the personalites involved in the story.

Source: University Place Book Shop List 103 c1957, no. 452.

Availability: Many libraries have a copy of this including CPL and KB. Digital edition at



Hints on Correspondence Chess Play, also, a History of the Association, its Objects etc., Pillsbury National Correspondence Chess Association, Chicago 1905. 11p.

This pamphlet starts with a three page History of the Pillsbury National Correspondence Chess Association which was founded in 1896. There follows two articles giving advice on correspondence chess play, the first by Rev. Leander Turney and the second by Walter Penn Shipley.

Availability: CPL only.



A Brief Review of the Chess Record of José Raúl Capablanca; and the Official Announcement of his Fourth American Tour 1911-1912, by Dana Welles, issued by Capablanca & Rosebault Chess Supplies and Literature, New York 1911. 

3 leaves.

Availability: KB, New York Public Library. Not in CPL.

See Chess Notes 3674 for further information on this rare pamphlet.


Chess Notes 3674



The Chess Bouquet and Small Heath Boulevard, by F.R. Gittins, 1911.

Running title: The Chess Bouquet Volume II.

Source: Phillips catalogue 26th March 1987; The Complete Chess Library of Michael MacDonald Ross, item 291. 

Availability: KB (specimen pages)

See separate article for comprehensive information on this publication.




Rubinstein's Games of Chess: A very incomplete collection of the match and tourney games of a great master, by John W. DeArman, Pasadena 1912. 272p.

Source: The Life & Games of Akiva Rubinstein; Volume 2: The Later Years, by John Donaldson and Nikolay Minev, Milford 2011. See Chess Notes 7572.

Availability: Los Angeles Public Library only.

The above source also mentions other books by DeArman: Games from the Nuremburg Chess Tournament 1906, Games from the Hamburg Chess Tourney 1910, Games from the San Sebastian Tourney 1911, The Kings of Chess; a list of tournament and match records of every master who has gained a prize in any international tournament. However, these are all unpublished typescripts.



Ten Years of Chess Federation. Being a Resumé of the Work of the British Chess Federation 1904-1913, British Chess Federation, Printed by Love & Malcomson, Redhill c1914. 23p.

This booklet includes information on the foundation of the Federation, details of the first ten British Chess Championships,  results of the English County Championships, Correspondence Tourneys and the first three Problem Tourneys. There are further articles on the Permanent Invested Fund, Life Members, The Blackburne Testimonial, The Spread of Organisation, Federation Chess Clock, International Chess and the World's Championship, General Finances etc.

Availability: CPL, Princeton University Library.



The Mysteries, Mysticisms and Moralities of Chess in their relation to the present time; done into verse and illustrated in an actual game, by John William Brown, Aberystwyth, 1912. 24p. 

"Dedicated to all of my chess-playing fellow-members of the National League for Opposing Woman Suffrage." 

No further information acertained.

Source: University Place Book Shop List 103 c1957, no. 362.

Availability: BL, KB, National Library of Wales. 

                        Images supplied by National Library of Wales.


Chess: The Theory and Practice of the Game, published by Cassell & Company, London 1920. 69p.

Sources: E.G.R. Cordingley Chess Catalogue No. 4 February 1936, item 306, Worldcat.

No availability found. Worldcat, while recording this work, does not list any libraries with this item.


The Laws of the Game of Chess, revised and compiled by W. B. Tattersall, London c1920. 23p

The "Sports Trader" Series. Cover title: Chess Rules.

The date of this item is uncertain. KB has two editions; one dated ca1910 with 16 pages and another dated approx 1938 with 23 pages. Internet sellers give dates of 1920 and c1922.

The rules and laws of chess in force in Britain in the first years of the 20th century were those published by the British Chess Company until superceeded by a set of laws published by The British Chess Federation in 1911. However, the British Chess Company continued to revise and publish its own code until 1918. I do not know which set of laws Tattersall's compilation is based on.


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