Tuesday 21 March 2017

More early dust jackets

René Wukits of Lanzenkirchen, Austria has sent to me images of the following early chess books with dust jackets, from his collection:

My Best Games of Chess, 1908-1923, by Alexander Alekhin, London 1928.

The Game of Chess, by Dr.  S. Tarrasch, London 1935.

The Art of Chess Combination, A Guide for all Players of the Game, by Eugène Znosko-Borovsky, London 1936.

Strategy & Tactics in Chess, by Dr. M. Euwe, London 1937. 

As mentioned in my article of 3rd January 2016, the very earliest dust jackets were quite plain and were intended to protect the book only up to the point of sale. More colourful jackets started to appear in the 1930's and the above jacket for Znosko-Borovsky's book is a fine example.

Pre-1930 dust jackets seem to be very scarce, we now have three examples, all published by G. Bell & Sons, Ltd. Further examples would be welcome.

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