Tuesday 31 December 2019

Russian Chess Literature Part 4 - Early Periodicals - Table

Below is a Table of bibliographic references from four sources for Russian chess periodicals up to 1917. The sources are as follows:

Sakharov 1968 - Shakhmatnaya Literatura SSSR; Bibliografia (1775-1966), Moscow 1968

Sakharov 2001 - Shakhmatnaya Literatura Rossii; Bibliograficheskiy Ukazatel (1775-1997), Moscow 2001.

LN - Bibliotheca van der Linde - Niemeijeriana, The Hague 1955.

Di Felice - Chess Periodicals; An Annotated International Bibliography, 1836-2008, Jefferson 2008.

The Table has been compiled with the assistance of Karel Mokry's Tables of Corresponding Numbers  available in the excellent Collector's Corner on his chessbookshop.com website

In addition to the periodicals previously discussed, I have included some chess columns in general periodicals which will be covered in a later article.  However, I have excluded Sakharov (1968) 209; Tidskrift för Schack, 1890, which was published in Helsingfors, Sweden, as I can discern no Russian connection. I have also omitted LN 6318: Shashki, a periodical dedicated to draughts.

Happy New Year to everyone.

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