Friday 28 September 2018

Another book featuring a single game

Back in January 2016 I gave details of a few chess books featuring a single game and here is another:

Дебют Алехина;  Партия, играннаг на парижском турнире в 1925 г.;  В карикатурах,  Составили Сезаъ и Ф. Цесельчукby, Mockba 1927.

Debyut Alekhina; Partiya, igrannaya na Parisskom turnire v 1925 g; v karikaturakh, by Sezab & F. Tsesel'chuk, Moskva 1927. LN 4672 (Humour section)

This little 16 page book covers the Alekhine Defence game played between Znosko-Borovsky and Alekhine at the Paris tournament of 1925. The moves are given with an expressive illustration and a caption.

The Foreword explains the difficulties in illustrating the artistry and skirmishes on a chessboard, and that this book is the first attempt to express in caricatures the struggle of a chess game.

The whole of this lively game is given first on page 3, followed by the move by move caricatures and commentary on pages 4 to 16.

"Quietly and simply I met with you.....An old wound has healed already".

A literal translation of the captions from Russian to English does not always make much sense, but there are possibly some allusions to the fact that both of these players had fled from Russia, ending up in France.

"But the gap that lay between us.......We are just familiar!...How strange"

"How strange it all is: since recently our proximity was immense, without borders"

....................................................."We are just familiar!...How strange"

"How strange!"

This is game 118 in Deux Cents Parties d'Echecs, (1918-1927), Rouen 1936, (ending with White's 34th move compared with White's 33rd in Дебют Алехина); and the game is also included in The British Chess Magazine  for June 1925 on pages 278-279. (ending after Black's 32nd move).   

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