Sunday 26 August 2018

Világunk 64 Mezön, Our World of 64 Squares. Another book of photographs

Világunk 64 Mezön, by András Ozsváth, Budapest 1978.

The title translates as Our World of 64 Squares and this is another book packed full of photos; for size comparison purposes I show it with The Oxford Companion to Chess.

This miniature book, measuring approximately 6.5cm square, has 400 pages and circa 250 photos (including several of the author); these are often familiar but many were new to me. Here is a selection:

Page 125 - Ilievski playing Fischer in the first round at Skopje 1967:

Page 292 - Participants at Barmen 1869:

Pages 296/297 - Leningrad 1934:

Pages 302/303 - Bad Kisssingen 1928 and Bern 1932:


Pages 328/329 - A photograph featuring Lenin in 1897:

Pages 360/361 - The Hungarian Chess Federation Congress, Budapest 1911:

The book also has a considerable amount of text, many games (including several by the author), and a monthly calendar giving the birth and death dates of leading chess figures, including the author.

Actual size of the above pages:

Throughout the book there is inconsistency in the order of player's names; for example, pages 186/187 have Réti Richárd and Richard Teichmann:

Similarly Raoul José Capablanca appears on page 111:

 and Davis William Evans on page 293:

I also spotted "John" Miles on page 316: 

Hours of amusement if you read Hungarian, and have a magnifying glass; although the 250 photographs alone make this a very entertaining little chess book.

                                    © Michael Clapham 2018

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