Friday 31 August 2018

Fischer launches two new chess magazines!

Well, not quite, but articles about Fischer helped launch two new magazines in the 1990's.

ARHIȘAH: Revistǎ Lunarǎ de Șah, published in Bucharest, Romania, was first issued in November 1990, and a promotional letter from the Director, Marian Stere states that this is the first number of the first private chess magazine in Romania.

The very first article, by Carlos Mato of Spain, asks the question: Fischer or Kasparov?, Some Memories, and compares the chess careers of the two world champions.

The second article, on pages 4-7, gives the first part of Kasparov's interview with Playboy magazine in 1989 (ARHIȘAH states May 1989 but other sources give November 1989), and this includes some Fischer related questions from the interviewer.

Finally, in the round-up of chess news on page 18, the magazine reports on the patent applied for by Fischer for his new digital chess clock.

The rest of this first issue of ARHIȘAH includes a report on the Karpov v Timman Candidates final match in Kuala-Lumpur, with eight games, and an historical article on Victor Costin, the Romanian chess player and editor of the first chess magazine in Romania: Recreațiunea, from 1912 to 1914.


Jaque Mate: Revista del Instituto Superior Latinoamericano de Ajedrez, Havana. Cuba. Aňo 1 Num 1, 1993.

This magazine is not recorded in Di Felice's Chess Periodicals but this is a re-launch of Jaque Mate: Revista Cubana de Ajedrez, which ran from 1964 to 1977, Di Felice 1199.

The magazine appeared a few months after the 1992 return match between Fischer and Spassky, and the first 15 games of the match are given without notes on pages 24 to 26.  

This 64 page magazine includes over 150 games, and a selection of articles including an historical item on the St Petersburg tournament of 1895/96.

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