Sunday 17 May 2020

Meet the Masters

Meet the Masters, by Dr. M. Euwe, London 1940.

This is a translation, by Lodewijk Prins and Baruch H. Wood, of Zoo Schaken Zij!
published in Amsterdam in 1938. The aim of the original work was to introduce to the Dutch chess-playing public the seven grandmasters who competed with Euwe in the A.V.R.O. Tournament held in Amsterdam in 1938. 

Keres and Fine were the joint winners (although Keres had the higher Neustadtl score), followed by Botvinnik, Alekhine, Euwe, Reshevsky, Capablanca and Flohr. 

This was the strongest tournament ever held up to that time and is one of the most extensively covered tournaments in chess literature. Gino Di Felice's Chess Competitions 1824-1970 lists 22 publications on the event. My miserable collection has just four of these.

The book has brief biographies of the eight players, a good portrait of each and a few representative games.

A second edition was published in 1945 and B. H. Wood added a few further paragraphs to some of the biographies.

These additions mainly reported on the wartime chess exploits of the players; Capablanca, however, played no further serious chess after the Buenos Aires Olympiad in 1939, and Wood briefly commented on his death in March 1942.

The supplemental information on Flohr is restricted to a single sentence: 

My copy of the second edition was issued in America by David McKay. The binding and dust jacket are stamped McKay although the text block is as issued by Sir Isaac Pitman in England.

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