Wednesday 21 November 2018

Philidor v Morphy; the results are in!

The solutions to 64 shakhmatno-shashechnaya gazeta's New Year's Quiz were published in the paper for 30th March 1939.

The inconsistencies in the illustration of Philidor in play against Morphy were as follows:

1. The chessboard is shown with 10 x 10 squares.

2. The chessboard is the wrong way round.

3. Philidor, who died in 1795 and Morphy, who was born in 1837 obviously never met.

4. Chess clocks of the type shown had not been invented during either of their lifetimes.

5. The portrait on the wall is of V. A. Chekhover, born in 1908 long after the Philidor and Morphy eras.  


Finally, a cartoon from 64 shakhmatno-shashechnaya gazeta for 31st December 1939:

Grandpa, you have lost on time!...

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