Monday 19 June 2017

Chess pictures

Collecting chess related pictures, illustrations and photographs goes hand-in-hand with chess book collecting, and here are four that I have bought this year.

Photograph circa 1900.

I do not recognise any of the twelve well dressed men in this photograph taken around 1900. The picture was purchased in Norfolk, England and I would be interested if any of the men can be identified.

 The sixteen leading chess players of the world


This is a tinted copy of the well known engraving published in The Graphic on 17th July 1886, and I do recognise some of these.

The players standing are, from left to right, Captain George Mackenzie, Baron Ignatz Kolisch, Simon Winawer, Henry Bird, Jules de Rivière, Samuel Rosenthal, James Mason, William Norwood Potter, Emil Schallop, Louis Paulsen, Rev. George MacDonnell, Isidor Gunsberg, and those seated are Joseph Blackburne, William Steinitz, Johannes Zukertort and Berthold Englisch

The Chess Game by Francesco Beda

This is a large 90cm. x 60cm. print of a beautiful painting by the Italian artist Francesco Beda. This painting is recorded in Chess in Art compiled by Manfred Roesler, Davenport, Iowa 1973.  

The Chess Players by Sir John Lavery


A print of Sir John Lavery's 1929 painting which is in the Tate Gallery. This is number 146 in Chess in Art.

                                          © Michael Clapham 2017

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