Tuesday 19 April 2016

Colourful covers

Many apparently worthless chess books have great aesthetic value and here are a few pre-1950 chess books with attractive printed covers.

Chess & Draughts: How to play Scientifically by Albert Belasco, London, c1945.

122 Chess Problems, Puzzles, Studies and End Games by E.G.R.Cordingley, London, 1946.

The Chess Pilot by J. Mieses, London, 1947.

Chess Made Easy, Simplified Instructions for Learners by J.A. Guthrie, London, 1922.

From the Introduction:

`Throughout the book we have adopted the term `Castle´ in preference to `Rook´-which is frequently employed-as less likely to cause confusion.´

The notation is adapted accordingly; e.g. P-KC3 instead of P-KR3, and C-C8 in place of R-R8.

Drueke's Chess Primer, Wm. F. Drueke & Sons, Inc., Grand Rapids, c1940


Chess, British Standard Hand Book No. 12, J. & R. Maxwell, London, 1886.

Chess Openings by Alfred Emery, London 1923.

De Witt's American Chess Manual edited by Henry Chadwick, New York, 1880.



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